Lady Gaga Alejandro video youtube

Lady Gaga Alejandro video music youtube for another great success of the new star of pop music and hip hop. A fabulous albums in all aspects but c was to be expected!Gaga in my opinion is the best pop female in circulation in recent times, nice track Beyoncè telephone, Lady gaga Alejandro that is much in the style of la Isla Bonita keen and Dance version dance in the dark that has a touch retro old disk, also other tracks very beautiful, In short, an album by buy 5 stars deserve absolutely Trysting place 4 life ”. Watch her youtube music video in this page.

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Smoke on the water : Deep Purple youtube video

A video of the prestigious and historic rock band Deep Purple. Smoke on the water is a classic tone-deaf rock of all time. The page contains a youtube music video of the well known song.

Video of “Smoke on the water” by Deep Purple video

This song is a workhorse of many rock band and one of my favorite rock songs. The guitar riff is famous; the Deep Purple are still in business after many years of concerts and discs.
Here they are all portraits.

Video di Smoke on the water dei Deep Purple

Video :  Smoke on the water : Deep Purple

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Tokio Hotel Ready set go youtube video

A video youtube of Tokio Hotel with Ready set go and to follow some positive reviews of her fans to the band’s album Scream ’ German. The Tokio Hotel are famous now, and if so will there be a reason, and probably the reason is that they are good. I have only 12 years but I know everything about them; I know they started singing from very young, and that the lyrics of their songs has written to all bill with the help of tom ’. Continue reading

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Madonna : video youtube : Celebration

Madonna Celebration in a music video from youtube. One of the most fascinating rock star and love always, Maria Lusia Ciccone or simply Madonna presents his Celebration. To follow his album reviews

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I don’t want miss a thing : Aerosmith : video youtube

I don’t want miss a thing of Aerosmith It is a very beautiful song, that was in the charts for months, ease slowly but with much pathos. The eccentric and charming singer Steven Tyler, that to me looks like a little Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, has a voice very rock, urinal but that transmits emotions and energy. Continue reading

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The doors : Jim Morrison : Light my fire : youtube

In this page you can find the youtube music video by The doors titled Light my fire, their great hit.

The doors is the music group or rock band that has had great success in the 1960s in the United States. The leader and the character who has created the cult and myth of the Doors light my fire was Jim Morrison. The band’s success continues now with sales of their music that remains among the most popular and loved like.

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Celin Dion youtube : My heart will go on : Titanic

Celine Dion youtube : the video for “My heart will go on simply known as Titanic, a beautiful and romantic song for a planetary success, as the great movie with Leonardo Di Caprio winner of many awards oscar directed by James Cameron. Good vision and get the handkerchief to tears, before.

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Alicia Keys youtube : Falling : video live

The live music video by Alicia Keys Falling from youtube. A genuine masterpiece of music soul and rhythm and blues.

Album The element of freedom : Alicia Keys youtube : Falling

Frankly I think Alicia Keys is among the most talented artists emerged in years 2000: his first two albums, “Song In A Minor” e “The Diary Of Alicia Keys “, I am a genuine dip into the past, the atmospheres r&B/soul/jazz class that ranged in the 60s-70s, e, especially the second, among the most beautiful albums of the last decade; “As I Am” is a work from the deepest atmospheres less back the previous two, more commercial if we, but always with the quality of great music R&(B) of the author (“No One” who the most forgotten!). And finally, When winter is just around the corner, get to warm up the fourth studio album by Alicia, “The Element Of Freedom”, a pleasant mix of midtempo style Rhythm and Blues on the heels of the smash “No One” (as the first two singles “Doesnl Mean Anything” AND “Try Sleeping Wlth A Broken Heart”, ma anche “Distance And Time”, “How It Feels To Fly”), ballatone dove viene messa in gran risalto la voce (“That’s How Strong My Love Is”, “Like The Sea”, “Wait Til You See My Smile”) ed azzeccatissime collaborazioni (Beyoncé nella ritmata “Put It In A Love Song” and Drake in velvety slow jam “Un-Thinkable”). In addition, There are plenty of surprises, as the divine revisiting “Empire State Of tslinti, PT. 2″ and the unusual “Love Is Blind”.

Falling Alicia Keys 

Alicia Keys Falling : video youtube e album 2009 : The element of freedom

Grazie Album to those who have appreciated “As I Am” and/or appreciate great music R&B international (that Alicia Keys is one of very few interpreters that is sold to electropop), will not disappoint you; If you’re too attached to Alicia’s first two albums, The sonorities, more retro, or just listen only pop very commercial, probably the new job will make you a little’ turn up your nose.

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