Madonna : video youtube : Celebration

Madonna Celebration in a music video from youtube. One of the most fascinating rock star and love always, Maria Lusia Ciccone or simply Madonna presents his Celebration. To follow his album reviews

Madonna Album : Confessions on a dance floor : Youtube Music Video

Confessions On A Dance Floor warms up to be the best album of the year dance 2000: conceived as a real tour de force electronic, the new album of Queen of Pop indisputably confirm the role of icon and true Legend of our Lady, able to give absolute dance like jewelry “Sorry” and “Forbidden Love”.

Madonna youtube video celebration

Mdaonna : video youtube : Celebration

Madonna’s Music Video from youtube : Celebration

Mdaonna : video youtube : Celebration

Straordinarie melody orientaleggianti in “Isaac”, il sapore retro di una riscoperta irresistibile degli anni 70 ed ’80 in “Future Lovers”, “How High” e “Jump”, esplorazioni musicali trascinanti in “Like It Or Not”, “Push” e “Get Together”: a song more beautiful than the other, the best album of Madonna from the time of “Ray Of Light”!


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