Tokio Hotel Ready set go youtube video

A video youtube of Tokio Hotel with Ready set go and to follow some positive reviews of her fans to the band’s album Scream ’ German. The Tokio Hotel are famous now, and if so will there be a reason, and probably the reason is that they are good. I have only 12 years but I know everything about them; I know they started singing from very young, and that the lyrics of their songs has written to all bill with the help of tom ’.

Recensioni sui Tokio Hotel : Ready set go album Scream : Youtube Music Video

the style of bill was often considered effeminate and then bill is considered to be gay but that is not true and everyone who keeps saying is wrong! also the singers don’t consider physical appearance for l ’ ( even if I can add that both twins have an exceptional physical) But judging by the voice, from how to play and songs and since bill sings wonderfully, tom (george and gustav) perform beautifully and the lyrics of the songs have meaning, are heard and profound their band is destined to remain standing! the Germany should be proud of their.

They say that i do not know Tokio Hotel musicarono tastes and then it is not true. The Tokio Hotel are the only ones who feel with a musical score in front of. In Germany to play even before they learn to talk.
Note, those who do not use scores is not a GENIUS indeed…
Use the score improves the technique, you know the time of your song (It is not true that you don’t know what you), then in concert for your fans from the best.


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